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Sidewalks It’s been long time I haven’t written new blog post. I’ve been thinking of writing about this subject that long too. It came to my mind to write an article about sidewalk of metropolitan city Istanbul, with full of criticism. Some people may say: “Why do you criticize sidewalks?” or “He couldn’t find another  [ Read More ]

Gebze-Harem Minibus Line

Posted by Erdi Categories: Life

A shot from Gebze-Harem Minibus Line I used Gebze-Harem minibus while i was going back to home last day -it was almost midnight by the way-. If you ask “Isn’t there any other kind transportation?”; of course there is! There is commuter rail between Gebze and Haydarpaşa. But there is still a renewing work for  [ Read More ]

Why We Can’t Train More And Better Althetes ? We were playing football in the middle of road when we were kid. We were making goal by pieces of stone, then we make 2 teams and we were trying to win against each other. Ways Are Too Dangerous Anymore It’s hard to make goal by  [ Read More ]

Second-Class Citizen

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The Green Mile I watched Green Mile (American movie) again. At this time, i felt the emotion deeper. It’s been long time since i watched the movie at first time. And i know why i was touched and felt sad at this time. I think so my deciding and meaning grasping ability were improved very  [ Read More ]

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