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Thrown Chewing Gum

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Spit on the Ground is a Kind of Requirement

Spitting on the ground. Today’s blog subject is not that, it’s a kind of need. I can understand it. But what about thrown chewing gums which chewed by us? Should we throw it just because of we got tired by chewing? Here is the subject i planned to write monolog about and i’m writing i guess.

Don’t think i’m a rooter of Greenpeace. Actually sometimes even i throw the gum to the ground after i chew. But is it acceptable ? Maybe a little bit. I’m kinda weird. Because if i have an empty can of coke or an empty bottle of water on my hand, i never throw it out. Even if the junk box as far as one mile, i don’t. But if chewing gum is the material, i spit it slowly and i try to end the action by a nice volley kick :D. And my target is a junk box always.

And i know most of you do the same. Here i share some photos of people who weren’t successfull in their volley kicks.

bus station of a mall

Most of us don’t get it when they saw these black points. These are chewing gums evoluted to asphalt. They were chewing gums, once upon a time 😀

Maybe we shouldn’t cover the highways by asphalt, all we need is chewed gums 😀 They’re even stronger than asphalt.

bus station in front of governorship building

It’s Not Dangerous as We Thought !

Throwing chewed gums to the nature is not that much dangerous as we thought. A glass bottle can disappear in nature in 400 years. Chewing gums disappear in 2 years. Regular chewing gums, not asphalt form chewing gum 🙂

Chewing Gum is a Cover, It’s Great to Protect the Nature

Chewing gum is a lie. The important is saving the world, saving our nature. I love a remark.

” We borrow this Earth from our grandchildren. ” so we take care of it as it’s our body. Yea, some peopel don’t even care of their body too, that’s not our issue.

Glass bottle disappears in nature in 400 years. Plastic kinds disappears even until 1000 years! Even if we throw chewing gums, we should care of throwing to junk box the plastic bottles and cans.


Erdi Yıldız, an internetlover trying to write a blog :D

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  1. Darcy says:

    doing good, i hope everyone likes it.

  2. nathaniel says:

    Chewing gums is a practice. Regular chewing of gums helps burn calories! So continue chewing gums but throw the chewed gums in the proper place.

  3. lista de email says:

    this is a really interesting article. thanks.

  4. Carrol says:

    I think you would be copeable to write an ebook about this stuff

  5. Mike P says:

    Im grateful for the blog post. Want more.

  6. Naughty Nadine says:

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for the interesting post. It helped me a lot with my school domestic science assignment 🙂

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