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Euro 2012 Final Match Spain vs Italy

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Spain didn’t deserve this final by their bad game

Yesterday there was a match between Spain and Italy as you know. Spain came until Euro 2012 final by their disgusting playing style. In group matches, in quarter even in semi final match. Spain didn’t impress me by their playing. And i’m sure you don’t like it too.

Italy and Italy’s evoluted football mentality

And Italy. Italy showed us up they’re a tournament team, in this year again. Nobody guessed they’ll raise to final by eliminating Germany. Most of people were even sure German is the one team which is gonna play in Euro 2012 final.

Unexpectedly Gli Azzuri ( The Blues ) kick German out of this race, they winked to final. It’s been long time Italy has come by their solid defence to the present. And they blown their taboo up. Italy was try to counter-attack by the balls they took out of their solid defence. But this year, in Euro 2012 Tournament, Italy is the team which played with ball, make passes and played offensive football.

Germany never won against to Italy in important tournaments. So German didn’t wear this year also. Germany’s bad fortune is still going on. They didn’t raised to final.

Maybe Italy should let Germans go to final

Balotelli made people happy by his double score against Germany. But his performance didn’t effect to Spain. And Italy lost against Spain 4-0.

According to you, what if Italy let Germany go to final, and if finaly match would be between German and Spain, would it be different ? German was so concentrated for playing final with Spain, that’s why they didn’t see Italy on the way. So they lost.

What’s your thoughts about it ?


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