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Gebze-Harem Minibus Line

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A shot from Gebze-Harem Minibus Line

I used Gebze-Harem minibus while i was going back to home last day -it was almost midnight by the way-.

If you ask “Isn’t there any other kind transportation?”; of course there is! There is commuter rail between Gebze and Haydarpaşa. But there is still a renewing work for railway. That’s why commuter rail train doesn’t work between Gebze and Pendik -Pendik is the middle station between Gebze and Haydarpaşa-.

Gebze-Harem is Different Everyday

In minibuses you can see a lot of different kinds of people. Some people are quiet, some of them are searching for someone to fight. Someone’s head is out of mind cuz of alcohol. Some are offended to life because of doing same ritual everyday. There are dangerous situations happens also. You must be careful for pickpocket. They can take your phone, wallet and whatever they found; even you can’t notice. Even your cigarette pocket 🙂

Writings on the Minibus

Most of minibus owners modify their vehicle. Leather seats, front cabine covered by animal’s pelt. Surround music system. Or LED lighting.

Everybody design their minibuses by their own pleasure. Some of them put license plate -usually it’s a license plate of some state of America- on the front glass as decoration. Some of them share funny or serious remarks with us by putting it on the front glass.

Writing in the photo:

“Ön koltukta uyumak ve telefonla geyik yapmak yasaktır.”


“Sleeping and Schmoozing by phone is forbidden in the front seat”

WordPress iOS Application

I wrote this writing by WordPress Application in my iPhone. In next posts I would like to share my opinions about WordPress app by a review.


Erdi Yıldız, an internetlover trying to write a blog :D

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    really like this article, I hope you’ll write-up more quality posts like this! bookmarked for future reference! =)

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