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It’s been long time I haven’t written new blog post. I’ve been thinking of writing about this subject that long too. It came to my mind to write an article about sidewalk of metropolitan city Istanbul, with full of criticism.

Some people may say: “Why do you criticize sidewalks?” or “He couldn’t find another subject to write”. But I’m sure disabled people or people who use baby stroller of their babies had experienced so much troubles about it. And now, I have an idea to write a critique about public transport too. But I’ll save it for next post.

As I said at the beginning of my writing; I’ve wanted to write for this since my last blog post. But people don’t like, don’t even look at writings -or newspaper- without photos. I was lazy to take photos, that’s why i’m late.


What is Sidewalk?

I’m holding my dictionary i bought when I was in elementary. It’s been quite long time. It writes “For Elementary and Highschool”, so I just let you know.

Sidewalk: 1. A paved walkway along the side of a street 2. Paved area for pedestrians.

After I saw “Paved area for pedestrians” at the second meaning of “sidewalk” in dictionary it came to my mind. Were sidewalks really made for people? Planting tree is good of course; but It’s hard enough anyway to walk on the sidewalks are occupied by cars. And city hall’s making it worse.

I think they built sidewalks just for building. They cover the streets by asphalt, but they don’t fix or care sidewalks as much as it.


Sidewalks for 1 Person

On sidewalks, It’s hard to walk even for 1 person. And you can’t walk without touching the car way. Because there are always utility pole, tree, car and etc which ignore you. So adding platforms on sidewalk’s entrance doesn’t end the problem.

In touristic places -like Topkapi, Eminonu, Taksim- sidewalks are lower and have platform for disabled people and parents use baby stroller. But they’re all covered by metals and stones to ignore car parking. So It’s a disadvantage.


Sidewalks Are Not Functional

We have sidewalks, thanks God. I know countries without sidewalk. Sidewalk mustn’t be made just for showing off. At the last photo as you can see It ends on the wall. Sure we can see that wall while walking.

But people has eye problem, old people forgot their glasses especially blind people have the risk to hit to the wall. If you noticed there are yellow lines on pedestrian’s way. You may saw. Please don’t  damage or break them. Because  these yellow lines are guide for blind people.

Thank you for reading. See you on next blog post 😉


Erdi Yıldız, an internetlover trying to write a blog :D

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